East Kent Trim Supplies Ltd

Escort MKIII / IV Saloon

Airflowbox Seal
£ 9.00
Push on seal to fit around the airflow box.
Carpet Set
£ 166.73
Carpet set made to order. Leather bound around the edges and latex backed. Comes with heel pad sewn in and without the hole for the gear lever which you would need to cut yourself. Available in various colours.
Door Glass Seal
£ 19.99
To fit horizontally along the top of the door. Can be fitted both externally and internally. Also known as the weather strip. These will fit all models. They are correct on the RS Turbo S2 internally but do differ from the external ones.
Door Seal
£ 19.80
To fit around the door aperture. Will fit all saloon models.
Ecort MKIV Front Bumber Trim
£ 16.00
Black rubber trim that fits on the Front Bumper.
Ecort MKIV Rear Bumber Trim
£ 16.00
Black rubber trim that fits on the rear bumper.
Front Screen Chrome Insert Corner - Pair
£ 12.00
Chrome corner pieces to fit the screen insert.
Front Screen Rubber
£ 40.07
One piece solid type Front Screen Rubber.
Front Screen Rubber (Insert Type)
£ 40.07
One piece Front Screen Rubber that takes either a Chrome or Black insert (available seperately).