East Kent Trim Supplies Ltd

Zephyr/Consul II

Boot Seal
£ 19.80
Self grip seal that fits to the body of the car.
Door Glass Seal
£ 4.99
To fit horizontally along the top of the door both internally and externally. Also known as the weatherstrip.
Door Glass Seal Clip - PACK OF 5
£ 5.76
These clips are for the Door Glass Seals. Sold as a pack of 5. 
Door Seal
£ 17.06
Sponge Rubber seal that glues on to the door.
Door Shut Trim
£ 18.00
Coloured seal that fits to the body of the car around the door shut. Available in various colours.
Front Screen Rubber - Highline
£ 45.89
One piece front screen rubber to fit the Highline models. This does not include the locking strip. 
Front Screen Rubber - Lowline
£ 46.80
An extruded length of rubber to fit the Front Screen.