East Kent Trim Supplies Ltd

Granada MKII

Boot Seal
£ 19.80
Push on seal that fits on the body of the car.
Door Glass Seal
£ 9.00
To fit horizontally across the top of the door. Also known as the weather strip.
Door Seal Moulded
£ 37.54
To fit around the door aperture. Comes with the moulded corner already made.
Headlining Clips
£ 1.44
Sold as a pack of 10 only.
Jack Bag
£ 10.00
Jack Bag made from Vinyl with a Velcro strip for secure fastening.
Vinyl Roof Kit
£ 130.00
Handmade on our premises using the Ford Grain. Comes complete with 2 litres of adhesive. Note - adhesive is not available to international buyers.