East Kent Trim Supplies Ltd

Escort MKIII/IV Cabriolet

A Pillar Sound Proof Strip
£ 9.36
To fit down the A Pillar. This has a self adhesive backing.
Airflowbox Seal
£ 9.00
Push on seal that fits around the airflow box.
Boot Seal
£ 15.00
Fits to the body of the car.
Bumper Trim
£ 16.00
Black trim with a self adhesive backing.
Door  Seal - Driver's Side
£ 21.82
Two piece seal to fit around the aperture of the door. This fits the drivers side only.
Door Glass Seal
£ 19.99
To fit horizontally across the top of the door externally. Also known as the weather strips.
Door Seal - Passenger's side
£ 21.82
To fit around the door aperture. Will fit the passenger side only.
Rear Quarter Light External Door Glass Seal - Pair
£ 88.70
To fit along the rear quarter. Also known as the hockey stick shaped seal. These are sold in pairs.