East Kent Trim Supplies Ltd

105E Anglia

Bonnet Seal
£ 9.90
Small rubber seal that sits near the vents under the Bonnet
Boot Seal
£ 16.98
Sponge rubber seal that glues to the Boot lid.
Carpet Set
£ 174.94
Leather bound edges and latex backed. Heel pad sewn in. Made to order and available in various colours. Delivery time is usually 3-4 weeks.
Door Glass Seal
£ 4.99
Fits horizontally along the top of the door. Also known as the weather strip. Fits externally and internally. SOLD SINGULARLY.
Door Glass Seal Clips - PACK OF 5
£ 5.76
Fixing clips for the Door Glass Seals. Sold as packs of 5.
Door Seal
£ 20.09
Sponge rubber seal that glues to the door.
Door Shut Trim
£ 20.86
Push on woven trim that fits around the door shut on the body of the car. Available in Black, Red or Grey.
Front Screen Rubber
£ 40.00
One piece solid screen rubber 'with ears'.
Front Screen Rubber (Van)
£ 30.72
An extruded length of rubber to fit the Front Screen of a van.