East Kent Trim Supplies Ltd


Boot Seal
£ 14.93
Push on seal with a flange.
Door Seal
£ 14.77
Self Grip seal that pushes on the body of the car around the door aperture.
Front Screen Rubber - Early
£ 33.34
Front Screen Rubber to take the original metal trim. This is not the split screen rubber.
Front Screen Rubber - Late
£ 39.84
Front Screen Rubber to take a plastic insert (available seperately).
Rear Screen Rubber - Early (Small Window)
£ 32.83
Rear Screen Rubber for early models with small rear window.
Rear Screen Rubber - Late (Large Window)
£ 39.16
Rear Screen Rubber to fit later types with the larger rear window. Insert available seperately.
Screen Insert Chrome
£ 7.60
Plastic chrome insert to fit later type screen rubbers.