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Transit MK1 /MK2

Ford Transit MK1 Bonnet Seal
£ 18.00
Fits around the bonnet using the plastic pegs moulded into the seal. 
Ford Transit MK1 Door Glass Seal
£ 5.24
To fit horizontally across the top of the door both externally and internally. Please note: These are sold singularly.  
Ford Transit MK1 Front Screen Rubber - Solid
£ 52.20
One piece Front Screen Rubber. This is a solid rubber and does not take an insert. 
This fits the First Generation models. (1965-1977). 
Ford Transit MK1/MK2 Door Seal
£ 21.32
To fit around the door aperture. A sponge seal that glues on. Please note: The price is for one door only. 
£ 20.40
Sponge rubber seal that glues onto either the door or the body of the van.
Ford Transit MK1/MK2 Window Channel
£ 11.06
Felted rubber channel that fits into the door for the glass to run up and down in. Please note: the price is for one door only. 
Ford Transit MK2 Front Screen Rubber - With Ears
£ 74.14
One piece Front Screen Rubber 'with ears'. 
This fits the First Generation Facelift models. (1977-1986).