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Black Screen Filler
£ 7.20
Black rubber filler strip to fit either our Front or the Rear Screen Rubber.
Bonnet Seal
£ 7.78
Push on seal that fits under the bonnet.
Carpet Set
£ 177.42
Leather bound around the edges and latex backed. Comes with the heel pad sewn in. Available in various colours. Made to order, delivery time is usually around 3-4 weeks.
Door Glass Seal
£ 14.78
To fit horizontally across the top of the door externally. Sold singularly.
Door Seal
£ 12.98
Push on seal to fit around the door aperture.
Door Seal Moulded
£ 37.54
To fit around the door aperture. These have the mould corner already made.  
Front Screen Rubber
£ 36.70
One piece front screen rubber. Comes complete with rubber filler strip. Designed to take an original metal trim.
GT Brake & Clutch Pedal Rubber
£ 7.44
A moulded rubber that wraps onto the either the Brake or Clutch Pedal. 

Price is for one Rubber only. 

Rear Quarter Light Seal
£ 7.78
Push on seal to fit around the rear side window. Sold singularly.