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Manta A

Opel Manta A Door Glass Seal - External
£ 10.00
To fit externally across the top of the door. Also known as the weather strips. 
Opel Manta A Front Screen Black Joiner
£ 3.36
Black joiner piece that covers the ends of the black insert. Will fit the front screen only.
Opel Manta A Front Screen Chrome Joiner Piece
£ 3.60
Screen Chrome Insert Joiner piece, to cover the ends of the insert on the front screen.
Opel Manta A Front Screen Rubber
£ 43.80
One piece front screen rubber that takes an insert (available seperately). Please note: this rubber does not have the lip on the bottom but we do supply a flat piece of rubber to be glued on.
Opel Manta A Headlining
£ 105.00
Handmade on our premises from original patterns. PVC Headlining available in Cream or Black. This pattern is for a car without a sunroof.
Opel Manta A Kick Panels
£ 30.00
Kick panels in black. These are sold as a pair.
Opel Manta A Lower Door Seal
£ 14.26
Sponge seal that glues on to the lower half of the door.
Opel Manta A Rear Screen Chrome Insert Corner - Pair
£ 12.60
Screen Chrome Insert Corners for the rear screen. These come as a pair.
Opel Manta A Rear Screen Rubber
£ 46.32
One piece rear screen rubber which takes an insert (available separately) Please note: a small section will need to be removed from the top of this seal and the ends joined back together.