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Capri MK2/MK3

Ford Capri MK2 14mm Screen Chrome Insert (original screen only)
£ 11.16
Plastic chrome insert to fit the Original Screen Rubber Only! 
This will fit either the front or rear screen rubber. 
Price is for one screen insert. 
Ford Capri MK2 Front Screen Rubber
£ 43.80
One piece front screen rubber designed to taken an insert (available separately)
Ford Capri MK2/MK3  Bonnet Stops - Pair
£ 20.00
These are sold as a pair. These are adjustable to fit your bonnet with a piece of rubber on the top to stop the bonnet from catching or getting damaged. 
Ford Capri MK2/MK3  Door Glass Seal Moulded (Pair)
£ 25.20
To fit horizontally along the top of the door externally. These are moulded and are sold as a pair. Also known as the weather strip. These seals no longer have a line along the top of them as per the originals.  
Ford Capri MK2/MK3  Door Seal Moulded
£ 45.55
To fit around the aperture of the door. These have the moulded corner already made. Please note: the price is for one door only.
Ford Capri MK2/MK3  Rear Quarter Light Seal
£ 14.40
Push on seal for the Rear Quarter Light Glass. Sold individually.
Ford Capri MK2/MK3  Window Channel
£ 12.91
Felted rubber channel that fits into the door for the glass to run up and down in. This product has been redeveloped to be made slightly thicker. Please note: the price is for one door only.
Ford Capri MK2/MK3 Bonded Screen Sealing Kit
£ 25.68
Sealant Kit to be used with the rear bonded screen trim on later Capri's.