East Kent Trim Supplies Ltd

Capri MKII & III

Bonded Screen Sealing Kit
£ 25.68
Sealant Kit to be used with the rear bonded screen trim on later Capri's.
Carpet Set (Long Console)
£ 188.10
This is for the Long Console Capri. Leather bound edges and latex backed. Heel pad sewn in. Made to order and available in various colours. Delivery time is usually 3-4 weeks.
Carpet Underlay
£ 13.20
Felt Underlay to go underneath your carpet set. This improves noise and lengthens the life of your your carpet set. Approx. 10mm thick. 

Price is per metre by the width of the roll which is 1.4 metres. 
Door Glass Seal Int
£ 9.60
To fit horizontally along the top of the door internally. These are sold individually.
Door Glass Seal Moulded (Pair)
£ 24.00
To fit horizontally along the top of the door externally. These are moulded and are sold as a pair. Also known as the weather strip. These seals no longer have a line along the top of them as per the originals.  
Door Seal Moulded
£ 37.54
To fit around the aperture of the door. These have the moulded corner already made. Please note: the price is for one door only.
Front Screen Rubber
£ 42.00
One piece Front Screen Rubber solid type.
Headlining - With Sunroof
£ 137.06
Handmade on our premises using the Moonstone Pattern. Made using original patterns. Available in Black or Putty Perforated material.