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Door Glass Seal Clips External - Pack of 5
£ 1.92
Metal clips to be used with the external door glass seals.
Triumph Exhaust Mount Rubber
£ 1.50
Triumph exhaust, silencer and and tail pipe mounting rubber.
Triumph Stag Air Intake Gaiter
£ 13.25
A rubber Gaiter which locates in between the air intake duct and the air filter housing assembly. 

This item is suitable for the MkII Stag - Years 1973-1977. 

Triumph Stag Automatic Brake Pedal Rubber
£ 2.50
This is for an automatic only. 
Triumph Stag Bonnet Seal with Pegs
£ 8.00
Sponge seal that pushes on to the bonnet across the top where it joins at the bulkhead to seal the gap. 
Triumph Stag Boot Seal
£ 15.96
Push on seal that fits on the body of the car.
Triumph Stag Cambox U End Plug
£ 1.32
Triumph Stag cambox U end plug.
Triumph Stag Carpet Set
£ 186.18
Handmade on our premises using original patterns. Latex backed and leather bound around the edges with the heel pad sewn in. Available in various colours. Delivery usually takes around 3-4 weeks.