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Viva HA

Door Glass Seal - Internal
£ 4.99
To fit across the top of the door internally. Also known as the weather strips.
Door Glass Seal Clip Int - PACK OF 5
£ 1.80
To be used with door glass seals.
Front Screen Rubber
£ 43.54
One piece front screen rubber that takes an insert (available seperately).
£ 108.00
Handmade on our premises using original patterns. Available in cream.
Rear Screen Rubber
£ 32.06
An extruded length of rubber which you need to join together yourself. This takes an insert which is available seperately.
Screen Insert Black
£ 7.20
Black plastic insert. Will fit either Front or Rear Screen Rubber.  
Screen Insert Black Joiner
£ 3.36
Black joiner piece to go with the black screen insert. 
Screen Insert Chrome
£ 7.20
To fit either the front or the rear screen rubber.